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7 Best Learning Towers for Toddlers and How to Choose

What is a Learning Tower?

A Learning Tower is a versatile and innovative piece of children’s furniture designed to empower young ones in their everyday activities. Resembling a secure platform with adjustable height, it allows children to safely participate in cooking, baking, cleaning, or any other tasks at countertop level. This not only fosters independence but also enhances their learning experiences by involving them in various household activities. Learning Towers are designed with safety in mind, typically featuring non-slip steps, sturdy construction, and child-friendly edges, making them a valuable addition to any family’s home. They’re more than just furniture; they’re a tool for nurturing your child’s curiosity, confidence, and sense of responsibility.

Learning Tower is a popular term for this type of child’s kitchen step stool, but it’s also known by a few other names. Some common alternative names include:

  • Kitchen Helper
  • Toddler Tower
  • Montessori Tower
  • Step Stool for Kids
  • Kids’ Kitchen Stool
  • Child’s Helper Tower

These names essentially describe the same type of product, designed to help young children safely reach countertops and kitchen surfaces, enabling them to participate in cooking and other activities with adults while promoting independence and learning.

Why You Need a Learning Tower?

A Learning Tower isn’t just another piece of furniture; it’s a game-changer in your child’s development. Why do you need one? Because it’s a tool for fostering independence and creativity while keeping safety in mind. Learning Towers allow your child to reach new heights, quite literally. They enable little ones to participate in cooking, cleaning, and other daily tasks alongside you, helping them learn valuable life skills from an early age. These towers provide a secure platform for exploration and hands-on learning, making them an essential addition to any household with young children. So, why do you need a Learning Tower? Because it’s the key to unlocking your child’s potential and making everyday activities a fun and educational experience.

“Mom, can I help you cook?”

If you’ve ever had your toddler utter these words, you know the heartwarming feeling of watching them take their first steps toward independence in the kitchen. Enter the world of learning towers, the secret ingredient to turning your little one into your kitchen’s sous chef.

Best Learning Towers for Toddlers

1. Montoddler

© Credit : Montoddler

From the moment I unboxed this learning tower, I could sense the quality. It arrived in pristine condition, and the assembly was a breeze. What impressed me most was the use of natural wood – a Montessori principle that aligns perfectly with our parenting philosophy.




In our journey of toddlerhood, the Montoddler Foldable Learning Tower has been an invaluable ally. It's a beautifully crafted, safe, and space-saving solution that encourages independence in the most delightful way. If you're a parent looking to nurture your child's independence while creating cherished moments together, I wholeheartedly recommend the Montoddler Learning Tower. It's a true game changer.


  • Made in USA
  • Foldable
  • Height Adjustable
Buy on Montoddler

Once assembled, this tower stood tall and sturdy. The safety rails provided peace of mind as my toddler eagerly climbed up. Adjusting the height was a cinch, ensuring it grows with my child. It’s a safe step that brings my little one to counter height, allowing her to explore the world of cooking and cleaning alongside us.

2. Little Partners

3. PlayWilder

© Credit : PlayWilder

PlayWilder is a small family business based in the United States, specializing in Montessori-inspired products. While they may not offer an extensive range of products, they have earned the admiration of the Montessori community with their Foldable Learning Tower. Although we haven’t personally tested it, it’s evident from user reviews that this product stands out.


189 249


One of the standout features of PlayWilder products, including the Foldable Learning Tower, is the exceptional craftsmanship. Sullivan Wilder's background in manufacturing and his commitment to quality shine through in every piece. When you invest in a PlayWilder product, you're investing in something that's built to last.

Buy on PlayWilder

One key feature that sets this learning tower apart is its foldable design, making it incredibly versatile. Not only does it provide a safe platform for children to engage in hands-on activities independently, but it can also double as a table. This multi functionality makes it a practical and attractive choice for parents.

The user feedback speaks volumes about the quality and functionality of the PlayWilder Foldable Learning Tower. Montessori enthusiasts, in particular, appreciate how it aligns with the Montessori philosophy of promoting independence and hands-on learning.

4. Sapien’s Child

© Credit : Sapien’s Child

Discover the Sapien’s Child Kiwi Model Learning Tower, an ingeniously designed kitchen tower that grows with your child. Meticulously crafted with adjustable height options, this tower effortlessly adapts to your child’s changing needs, providing a safe and sturdy platform for them to explore, learn, and create.




The design of the Sapien's Child Learning Tower prioritizes exceptional stability. It's constructed to provide a secure platform for your child's activities, granting you peace of mind. Moreover, the absence of sharp edges further eliminates any safety concerns, reinforcing the product's child-friendly design.


  • Made in Canada
  • Height Adjustable
Buy on Sapien's Child

With its exceptional stability and child-friendly design, including rounded edges for added safety, the Kiwi Model Learning Tower stands as a reliable and enduring companion throughout your child’s developmental journey. Elevate their independence and boost their confidence with a product that combines functionality, quality, and peace of mind.

How to Choose Best Learning Tower for Your Toddler

The Magic of Learning Towers

Learning towers, also known as Montessori towers or kitchen helpers, are ingenious tools designed to bring your toddler to counter height. Crafted with safety in mind, they provide a secure platform for your child to participate in kitchen activities alongside you. From stirring pancake batter to washing veggies, these towers empower your tiny chef while keeping them safe.

Benefits Beyond the Kitchen

The advantages of learning towers extend far beyond just cooking. They foster valuable life skills, like responsibility and confidence, as toddlers learn to clean up after themselves and set the table. These towers are not just about reaching countertops; they’re about reaching milestones.

Choosing the Perfect Tower

Selecting the right learning tower can be a game-changer. Look for sturdy construction, adjustable heights, and non-toxic materials. Keep an eye out for features like foldability for storage and safety rails for added security. Your choice of tower can make all the difference in creating a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

The Joy of Shared Moments

As your toddler stands proudly in their learning tower, the joy on their face will melt your heart. These shared moments in the kitchen create lasting memories while imparting skills that will stay with them for life.

Learning towers for toddlers are not just pieces of furniture; they’re tools that cultivate independence, confidence, and cherished moments. So, the next time your little one asks, “Can I help?” slide over the learning tower and watch them shine. It’s a recipe for success in parenting and in the kitchen.

The importance of Kitchen Helper Stool in Montessori

In Montessori education, independence and hands-on learning are highly valued principles. One of the essential tools that support these principles is the kitchen helper stool, also known as a learning tower or Montessori tower. These stools play a vital role in fostering a child’s development and growth within a Montessori home environment.

Montessori education emphasizes self-reliance and practical life skills, and the kitchen helper stool aligns perfectly with this philosophy. It allows children to participate in everyday activities, such as meal preparation and cooking, by giving them safe access to kitchen counters and sinks. This not only helps build their motor skills but also boosts their confidence and self-esteem as they engage in meaningful tasks alongside adults.

Moreover, a kitchen helper stool promotes a sense of responsibility and belonging within the family unit. Children feel valued when they can contribute to household chores and mealtime preparations. This fosters a positive environment where they can learn essential life skills while developing a strong sense of independence and self-sufficiency.

The kitchen helper stool is an invaluable addition to a Montessori-inspired home, enabling children to actively participate in daily activities, cultivate essential life skills, and grow into independent, capable individuals.

F.A.Q. About Toddler Learning Towers

What is a Learning Tower?

Learning Tower, a secure and adjustable platform, is designed for young children to safely participate in kitchen activities. It allows them to reach countertops and sinks, fostering independence and learning through hands-on experiences.

How does the Learning Tower work?

The Learning Tower features an open-frame design with safety rails. Children can stand on its platform and safely reach kitchen surfaces. Its height is adjustable to accommodate different ages and activities.

What are the benefits of using a Learning Tower?

Using a Learning Tower has several benefits, including promoting independence, fine and gross motor skill development, sensory exploration, and encouraging family bonding through shared activities.

Is the Learning Tower safe for children?

Yes, Learning Towers are designed with safety in mind. They typically have safety rails and a sturdy base to prevent accidents. However, it’s essential to supervise children while they use it.

At what age can my child start using a Learning Tower?

Children can start using a Learning Tower when they can stand steadily on their own, usually around 18 months or older. Always consider your child’s physical abilities.

Are Learning Towers easy to clean?

Most Learning Towers are made of easy-to-clean materials like wood or plastic. You can wipe them down with a damp cloth or mild cleaning solution.

Can I use a Learning Tower for activities other than cooking?

Absolutely! Learning Towers are versatile and can be used for various activities like art projects, brushing teeth, washing hands, and more.

Are Learning Towers portable and easy to store?

Many Learning Towers are designed to be easily movable and compact for storage. Some even fold flat for convenience.

How do I choose the right Learning Tower for my child?

Consider factors like safety features, material quality, adjustability, and your child’s age and needs when selecting a Learning Tower.

Where can I purchase a Learning Tower?

Learning Towers are available online and in baby supply stores. You can find various brands and models to choose from.

Are there any assembly or safety tips to keep in mind?

Always follow the manufacturer’s assembly instructions carefully. Ensure the Learning Tower is placed on a flat, stable surface and supervise your child’s use to prevent accidents.

Can I customize the appearance of my child’s Learning Tower?

Many Learning Tower models offer customization options like color and design. Check with the manufacturer for choices that suit your preferences.

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